Tarrant County Libertarian Party

Mark Amans, Vice Chair – Present
Teresa Rushing, Treasurer – Present
Chris Hibbard, Secretary – Present
Liz LeBlanc, Former Chair – Present

Vice Chair calls to order at 7:01 p.m., June 30th, 2020
Teresa moves to approve previous meeting minutes. 2nd by Duanne. No objection. Motion passes 7:03pm
Liz moves to adopt agenda. Chris seconds. No objections. Motion passes 7:06pm

Teresa moves to make a motion to remove (authorized bank signatures from bank account) both Brook
Bailey & Kat Harris, add Chris Hibbard & Mark Amans. Liz seconds. No Objections. Motion passes 7:07pm

Liz, Point of order, police accountability subcommittee was not actually formed.
Rene, point of information, the appointment of the subcommittee was made to be temporary to be
dissolved after the vote on the police tax.
Mark subcommittee, soon to be or not be, speaks of outstanding work, outreaches,
Liz, point of information, what is the future of the police accountability committee, who will running it and
what are their qualifications
Rene, opportunity for new volunteers showcase talents for evaluation of future volunteer opportunities
Liz, do we have a plan (for police accountability subcommittee)?
Mark, so far, (the subcommittee) flyers, doorhangers, training block walking volunteers, and advises the EC
committee to authorize official formation of the committee
Liz, Amy Hedtke overwhelming Republican, well-versed on our platform and staunchly opposes much of it,

Teresa, suggests At-Large position would be a coalition liason to work with non-partisan groups for ballot
initiatives, legislation influence, not necessarily everyone who is involved with the coalition would be on
the subcommittee
Liz concern is the director should be well-versed in coalition partner’s interests and to be weary
Mark clarified the interests are aligned with ending the CCPD tax, (nafarious PAC?)**
Rene states that he spoke with Liz to clarify with subcommittee members on the rules and is confident in
the member’s ability
Nelson, funding PAC’s information: point of inquiry, is there support or funding
Mark, states that no funding only support
Liz, confirmed with EC that the coalition partners would not have official titles and responsibilities to the
TCLP subcommittee
Mark, asks EC if we all agree on the goals of the Police Accountability subcommittee, EC committee agrees
Chris, point of inquiry, who owns End the Police Tax facebook page, Wes & Trey
Liz, does anyone want to back out?
Wes, wants to backout of the police accountability subcommittee
Trey, indifferent to formalities and is committed to doing the police accountability subcommittee anyway
Liz, who’s on the subcommittee?
Mark moves to make motion to accept Police Accountability Subcommittee as an official committee
Rene Abdallah Hererra is on the subcommittee, Trey, Amanda Ferguson, all present and confirmed verbally
Liz, coalition liaison?
Mark, commits to the duties of coalition liaison
Liz, asks if Rene would take at Large position of Coalition Liason
Rene, states he would accept
Chris, asks for plans
Rene, synergy opportunity to support subcommittee and evaluate performance, strengths, weaknesses
Liz, makes a two fold motion to form CCPD subcommittee directly reports to EC & nominate Rene Perez to
be Coalition Liason, At Large Position. Teresa seconds both. No objections. Motion passed 7:29pm

Mark moving on the Discussion of At-Large Positions. notes 2 positions available. Financial Director
requested. Asks the EC to determine what we want specifically of 2 remaining positions. Perhaps a job
description on the form for people to apply.
Liz, point of information, there’s a board for EC to access where we have a board, called Strategy, use as a
reference to determine our needs based on previous evaluations noted on this board.
Mark, proposes a working session, to allow time for people to consider, and EC to consider needs of TCLP
for the remaining 2 positions.
Rene, makes a motion that Rene Abdallah Herrara be Finance Director, at Large positions, no objections,
motion passed at 7:33pm.
Rene Abdallah Herrera appointed to At Large Director of Finance.

Mark, moving on to discussion of Special Convention.
Liz, recommends we swiftly conclude the Special Convention time & place.

Mark, noted that Rene Perez’s goal was to increase functionality of the Outreach Coalitions, states that its a
major focal point. Adds that we should support candidates
Teresa, recommends recruiting for local races such as city council & school board for good traction.
Liz, strongly agrees
Mark, brainstorm on how we can help current candidates such as block parties, candidate events, covid safe
Rene, TCLPEC 2020 candidates group on Facebook is intended to coordinate candidate support, events, etc

Liz, recommends precinct chairs to start precinct pages

Mark, speaking opportunity for LNC candidates, asks if Caryn Ann Harlos is available.
Mark speaking opportunity for self: AWS account to be opened, yearly pricing overall is more value, Chris
good for updating content on website
Rene, point of information, Randy Simbro asked that Jo Jorgensen Campaign Coordinator for TCLP, duties
include yard signs be available to those who purchase, stickers, and overall point of contact for Jo Jorgensen
campaign. Amanda Ferguson offers to help.
Ken Stanford, would take position if offered

Liz, recommends Ken, and recommends Ken fill out nondisclosure form to connect with Texas State Party
to access voter information
Ken, agrees
Chris makes motion to appoint Ken Stanford for County Coordinator for Jo Jorgensen’s Campaign, 2nd by
Teresa, no objection. Motion passed 7:49pm
Liz, shows on screen United States Air Force award with folded flag that was flown in Afghanistan on F-16
Viper, Bagrham airfield, presented to The Libertarian Party of Tarrant County, Texas. Awarded July 2016
and just now received. Voter applications to service members in 2016, 40% voted Libertarian
Award for excellent work & community outreach, civic engagement, & organizational growth in 2016 –
2018 term.
Teresa, reports cash on hand of $XXXXX in Frost Bank and $XXXXX in PayPal totaling $XXXXX. (Editor’s note, cash amounts have been redacted. If you’d like this information, please contact the Executive Committee).
Mark, point of inquiry, how much Special Convention cost?
Liz, states it can only be for a specific item, maybe $500
Liz, according to bylaws, all that can happen is the original intent of the Special Convention, nothing else.
Teresa, recommends Zoom or equivalent for voting
Mark, opaVote, doesn’t cost much
Liz, online only is cost savings.
Duane, volunteer opportunities coming up, Gun show: need volunteers for table setup, July 11-12 in Fort
Worth, price not yet known.
Teresa, states tables are $85 each for 2 days.
Kat, offers to volunteer
Amanda, offers to volunteer
Mark, offers to donate table $85
Mark, Consciousness & Psycholedics conference is $100 booth, but not necessary can walk around and pass
out swag for no fee

Caryn Ann Harlos, current Secretary of LNC, and introduces herself, qualifications, etc. Resolved
recordkeeping issues with legal vulnerability and implemented responsible records mgmt.
A) Believes she’s the best candidate
B) Much more to continue and past knowledge necessary, its role is also a directive role for
C) LNC should be small & limited, should only concentrate on national level focus, databases to
affiliates, not concentrated in things better handled by local parties

D) Lobbying should be full time
E) Voter reform to break two party duopoly
F) Transparency
Kat, question for Caryn, states inspiration to get anarchist in party & to vote. Says hi, thanks, and you’re a
life changer.
Rene, question for Caryn, any platform to be planks changed or bylaws to be changed?
Caryn, impartial, but most platform changes proposed by platform committee are excellent. Bylaws
changes: LNC election process changes, At-Large shouldn’t be consolation for people who don’t win other
positions, would propose term limits such as 3 terms in one seat. Person shouldn’t be able to vote on their
own suspension motion. Should not be able to chair bylaws or platforms committee if you are an LNC.
Liz, Jeff Adams worked with you
Caryn, hopes candidates move bylaws committee until after convention
Liz, states that Caryn Ann Harlos is the only LNC member to call in.
Caryn, offers anyone to call her, its a public number
Rene Abdallah Hererra, introduces himself

Mark, asks if we would like to have next EC meeting at same location using the same technology.
Rene, Daniel Bledsoe works at Rudy’s BBQ with good meeting rooms, other ideas too
Liz, is the leasee to a warehouse with internet, but no alcohol allowed. meetings are better held in
environments meant for that purpose, not for hangout purposes like restaurants.
Liz, Arlington historically has good turnout for meetings
Rene, J Gilligans not a good options because they support a PAC that supported eminent domain
Liz, if we share event with precinct meeting on July 15th., requests us to call in
Trey, candidate deadline 06/30 for finance reporting period,
Mark, to post on Facebook
Liz, congrats to Mark for running
Teresa, motion to adjourn. Duane 2nd. No Objections. Passed 8:34pm


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