Tarrant County Libertarian Party

2020 Special Convention


Tony’s Pizza and Pasta

EC in attendance: Duane Hamman, Mark Amans, Liz Scripter, Rene Abdul-Herrera, Rene Perez,

Teresa Rushing

12:00p Meeting called to order

19 Delegates; met quorum

Duane Hamman nominated as Convention Chair

Amanda Ferguson nominated as Convention Secretary

Motion to Adopt Agenda – Duane Hamman

·       1st Liz Miller

·       2nd Mark Amans

12:30p – Nominations Begin

Chair Nominations

·       Duane Hamman nominated by Mark Amans

o   2nd confirmed

·       Rene Perez nominated by Rene Abdul-Herrera

o   2nd confirmed

o   Objection by Liz Scripter due to prior removal of Chair for cause. Bylaws do not prohibit him from running again.

·       Donavan Pantke nominated by Rene Perez

o   2nd confirmed

Secretary Nominations

·       Amanda Ferguson nominated by Mark Amans

·       2nd by Donavan Pantke

12:40p Speeches Begin – Each nominee was allotted 3 minutes to speak

Duane Hamman speech conceded to Brooke Bailey

·       Duane has been an active member of the TCLP for many years

·       Has always come through to help with events

·       Wants to grow the TCLP through outreach to different groups

Rene Perez speech

·       Summary of his history with TCLP and previous tenure as chair

·       Would like to run the TCLP as a business and focus on helping candidates

·       Would like to the TCLP to have an office space

Donavan Pantke speech

·       Was asked to run based on his experience as a professional

·       Wants to heal and move the party forward from of prior history

·       Feels he would be a good fit because he able to mediate conflict and make decisions

Amanda Ferguson speech

12:55p Questions Begin – Each nominee was allotted 10 minutes for questions

Duane Hamman Questions

·       Q: Trey H. – What are your intentions with the party if you lose?

o   A: Duane H. answered that he has been with the party through many leaders and will continue to participate in the party to bring in new people.

·       Q: Rene P. – Questions from Rene about process and Duane’s recollection of Rene’s removal as chair

o   Point of Order – Liz Scripter – stop Rene’s questions stating that this was not a debate. This was overruled by the Chair.

o   A: Duane H. was not aware of Rene’s removal as chair and stated that he was not part of the EC so he didn’t have any details about Rene’s removal

·       Teresa Rushing motioned to close questioning

o   Mark Amans 2nd

o   Trey Holcomb Objected

·       Question time ended and no motion to extend question period

Rene Perez Questions

·       Q: Trey H. – What are your intentions with the party if you lose?

o   A: Rene Perez answered that he will continue to recruit for the party and will continue to build coalitions with other groups

·       Q: Teresa Rushing – How many times were you contacted by the EC regarding time changes or location changes less than 10 days of official LP meetings?

o   Rene asked if he had to answer to question and Donavan Pantke advised that it was his choice to answer the question or not

o   A: Rene Perez answered that he did not recall changing the meeting locations and does not recall how many times (if any) the EC tried to contact him regarding this

·       Q: Liz Scripter – Why didn’t you feel the need to respond on behalf of the TCLP after George Floyd’s death?

o   A: Rene answered that his focus was on running the TCLP like a business rather than participating in social advocacy activity.

·       Q: Donavan Pantke – Would you believe the view of TCLP would be tarnished if you were reelected as chair?

o   A: Rene answered that it is up to the members here today to decide if that would be the case and if that would be a problem for the party.

·       Q: Rene Abdul-Herrera (general statement: Please be civil) What is your vision for the TCLP?

o   A: Rene answered that he wants to run the TCLP like a business and have leaders be accountable to a body. He has been recruiting people to help with the board and will continue to bring others in. He wants to focus on the business side rather than social justice issues and activism and wants to conduct a SWOT analysis to see where we can improve as an organization.

Donavan Pantke Questions

·       Q: Trey H. – What are your intentions if you lose and how do you plan to heal the party from past hurt feelings?

o   A: Donavan stated that he would still participate in party activities. He will hear all sides, not be part of any particular faction of people and will make a decision that’s best for the party after hearing all sides.

·       Q: Liz Scripter – What is your professional work? Have you read the bylaws? Do you know the TX Election code? What are your plans for outreach?

o   A: Donavan stated that he’s a Director at a software company and leads a team of 20. He is familiar with the bylaws and wants to streamline/clarify bylaws. Not well-read on election code but confident he can get up to speed quickly. Outreach is not his strength, so he wants to have people that are good at that focus on that piece.

·       Q: Rene P. – Are you familiar with SWOT analysis?

o   A: Donavan stated that he is familiar with SWOT, but not dogmatic regarding methodology; tends to use aspects of different methodologies.

·       Duane Hamman motion to extend questioning for 5 mins

o   1st – Rene Perez

o   2nd  – Rene Abdul-Herrera

o   Motion carried without objection

·       Q: Liz Miller – If elected, how would you work with EC to remain chair?

o   A: Donovan answered that he won’t present cause for removal and will operate within the bylaws. He will be respectful and won’t step on toes. He will expand on the work already being done.

·       Q: Geoff Adams – What are your beliefs on how government and religion should interact?

o   A: Donavan answers that he believes the state should stay out of religion. He is not religious, but is respectful of others who are. The government should not interfere between man and god. Also, religious organizations should not use government to push their agendas as well.

·       Q: Liz Miller – Do you have any plans to move out of Tarrant County?

o   A: Donavan stated No

Amanda Ferguson answers questions

·       Q: Trey H. – What are your intentions in the party if Duane, Rene or Donavan are elected chair?

o   A: Amanda stated that she would still participate in party activities to continue the mission of spreading the Libertarian message.

·       Q: Liz Scripter – What are your plans for other communication besides social media?

o   A: Amanda stated that we need to employ a number of communication methods so that we can honor the diversity of our party and make sure to be inclusive to all members and potential members.

·       Q: Liz Miller – Do you have any plans to move out of Tarrant County?

o   A: Amanda stated No

·       Q: Rene Abdul Herrera – What attracted you to the Libertarian Party?

o   A: Amanda stated that she has always been a live and let live kind of person. She believes in social and economic freedom and has always been passionate about that, but didn’t know about the Libertarian party until after she got out of school. Now that she’s found a party that aligns with her beliefs she’s excited about spreading the message of the Libertarian Party.

1:35p Questioning session ends

·   Motion to end questioning was heard, 2nd confirmed, and carried without objection

Discussion amongst several members regarding allowing candidates to speak after the meeting

Point of Information – Liz Scripter

·       Voting method is online only and will ranked choice voting

·       Vote through OpaVote

1:42p Voting Begins

Teresa Rushing – All ballots have been sent

Point of Information – Rene Perez

·       All votes are through OpaVote

Point of Information – Liz Scripter

·       Does voting NOTA invalidate entire individual ballot?

·       Brooke Bailey: No

Point of Information – Trey Holcomb

·       Event at Rail Club Live today to support 51% bars

Shout outs (Thank you)

·       Duane Hamman à Mark Amans for setting up event

·       Donavan Pantke à Teresa Rushing for helping with this on the fly

·       Mark Amans à Tony’s Pizza and Pasta for hosting

Duane moves to pass a resolution, 2nd confirmed and carried without objection

·       We, the members of the TCLP, stand united in wishing Dr. Ron Paul a full and speedy recovery

1:56p Voting Results

Teresa Rushing announces results

·       Donavan Pantke elected Chair with 52% of the vote

·       Amanda Ferguson elected Secretary (running unopposed)

Motion to Adjourn – Liz Scripter

·       1st Teresa Rushing

Motion to change Bylaws – Rene Perez (before motion to Adjourn was completed)

·       Unclear on if this can be done at a Special Convention

·       Ruled that the motion was Out of Order

Continued the motion to adjourn

·       2nd Mark Amans

·       Objection heard

·       Vote taken

·       Chair rules motion passes

2:00p Meeting is adjourned


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